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22 October 2011 @ 07:24 pm
[Original] The Cave (prologue)  
Title: The Cave
Author: Myself, meaning hellopinkie 
Genre: Thriller
Summary: Charlotte’s co-worker, Sarah, calls her to let her know about a bomb in her father’s company.

call woke her up at 6.AM. She could barely listen to the words from her co – worker. She had to be there as soon as possible, which led to a really quick shower and a coffee on the way. As much as she tried to think of it, there was no way to know what the hell was going on that couldn’t just wait for later. Speeding up a bit, she took the route that would take her there sooner. Sarah sounded really nervous on the phone. Mondays. Bloody Mondays.

Charlotte Day did not like unexpected things like this one, not being in control of what was happening around her. She took a sip of the very needed hot Latte while waiting for the traffic light to change. The gray sky, rainy even. She loved London though, despite everything.There wasn’t much more time left to think about going somewhere else anyway.

Slow traffic. Police cars everywhere were trying to get control over the situation. It didn’t look good. Not even a bit. Some minutes later – really slow minutes, like little drops of metal – Charlotte made it to the place where she’s been working every single day of her life during more than a year. Or she thought it was. It certainly didn’t look like it. Fire, scared people, policemen and a generous group of firemen. This is the company she’s been running since her father died. Her big,green eyes looked everywhere searching for answers, only to find more fire. A man walked over. Kind in his manners. Cute she’d say, with lovely brown eyes. Not her type. Showing his badge, he stood in front of her. Police. Of course.

‘What’s going on?’ She demanded.

‘We are still trying to figure it out’ He replied softly ‘Miss…’

‘Oh. Charlotte. Charlotte Day.’

‘Inspector Grimes’ He offered his hand which she took firmly ’ Honestly? This is not a safe place now, Ma’am. The further away you get from here, the better, if you want my opinion. ‘

‘No. You don’t understand’ Charlotte took a string of hair behind her ear, nervously ’ All these people, they’re my partners and friends. They work for me. Everything that happened here concerns me.’

The look on his face changed inmediatly. He cleared his throat, grabbing the sleeve of her read coat. They were a few meters away from the rest now.

‘Good. Forty five minutes ago there was an explosion, right there’ He pointed to the basement ‘Luckily enough, except for two security guards, nobody was harmed.’

The basement? Why would anyone do that? This couldn’t be an accident. It obviously wasn’t. Simply because they have never had any. Security looked up to the people working here really seriously to let something like this go unnoticed. Someone wanted this to happen. She wondered about Sarah. Where was she?

Yeah, that’s good to know’ She bit her lip ‘Excuse me, just…one more question. Have you seen my partner? Sarah Dorsey? Blonde, petite, common figure…’

The inspector shrugged ‘I saw a woman with that same description about twenty minutes ago in that phone booth over there. Lost sight of her afterwards.’

Must be her then. God, things were getting more and more difficult by the minute. Not even eight in the morning.

Charlotte nodded ‘Right. Thanks, Inspector Grimes.’

‘Anytime, Miss Day.’

She took the card he held in his hand, thinking that she may very well need it, more sooner than later.


Those cigarettes were not remotely as good as before. What he was currently smoking was strong and tasty, but just not the same. Taking the last drag he tossed it away before leaving the car. This baby was his most precious possesion. It was old but who cares. It worked better than any modern one. Tightening up the black, long coat he looked in the direction of the target he’s been laying eyes on for at least fifteen minutes. Not like he was some kind of stalker. They told him to go and fetch her and so he did. She was really beautiful. In a very natural, effortless kind of way, unlike those women that only live for their appearence abusing botox and hours in the gym. She was leaning calmly on the door of her car – Black and white mini – Coffee in one hand, fag in the other.

Watching her smoke had this kind of retro thing to it. Tall, and it was obvious she chose the very first clothes that came to mind – Due to the urgency of the situation– but still classy in her very own way: Ankle boots, jeans, shirt and the short red coat. Brunette, slightly long straight hair. The wind messing it up a bit. Wearing almost no make up, yet looking perfectly fine. Well, he must approach her. Thing was how. Obviously not the same way you approach a hot chick at some random bar. This was different. Professional. Or something along those lines. Oh, he must stop this nonsense. Quiet steps guided him to her side. The moment she turned her head around to meet his eyes, he had no clue she was so incredibly intoxicating up close. Charlotte smiled politely.

‘Sorry’ she said ‘Um…Do I know you? Oh I don’t think so’ A light hearted laugh ‘This is one hell of a day, so if we’ve met before my apologies.’

He smiled sligthly. Oh that was a good introduction. No doubt of it. Quite her style.

‘Afraid not, Miss Day. If I did I’d remember’ A pause ‘John Galvin. And you need my help.’

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